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Thessaloniki to Istanbul

There are some cycling records that are truly remarkable feats of human endurance. The round the year award which is to cover as much distance as possible over the course of a 12 month period is probably the most impressive. The current record was set by Tommy Goodwın in 1938 when he rode a staggering 75,065 miles … Continue reading Thessaloniki to Istanbul

Paros to Thessaloniki – Back on the road

Things had changed while we were on Paros and I don’t just mean the tyres on the bike. Greece now has a brand new government and many people are half joking about the possible return of the Drachma to replace the unpopular Euro. It’s impossible to speak to anyone here for more than 5 minutes … Continue reading Paros to Thessaloniki – Back on the road

Christmas on Crete, New Year in Athens

Christmas in the UK is nothing if not predictable. We’re introduced to the idea that it’s on its way with a few hints around September with shops bringing in the odd bit of Christmas paraphernalia and bars and restaurants imploring us to make that Christmas party booking ‘NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!’. It creeps up … Continue reading Christmas on Crete, New Year in Athens