Marcus broadcasts on community radio station Incapable Staircase FM every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm (GMT/BST). The show includes music that he loves, some waffle and an interview with a special guest who has an adventurous story to tell.

Week 17 – Zoe Grimes

How do you combine adventure with work? I chatted to Zoe about how a big bike journey helped her come up with new, creative ideas that then set her on her way as a fully fledged digital nomad (or free-range thinker).

We chatted for a lot longer than the 40 mins I normally allow so a fair chunk of interesting stuff had to be edited out. If you want to hear the full conversation then you can listen here.

Week 16 – Dr Robert Ridgway

There are few people I can think of who have had such a varied and interesting career as Robert. He has worked in over 30 developing countries on land use projects to help improve their sustainability and productivity. From living through a civil war, watching volcanic eruptions and visiting nuclear test zones Robert tells the story of how his work has taken him to some fascinating parts of the world.

Week 15 – Justin Mumford

Fresh from a run along the River Nene, I had a chat with my brother Justin about the power of the thumb as a form of transport. He’s hitchhiked across three continents and encountered kindness and surprises wherever he’s been. His experiences led him to take on a position working with gorillas in the Congo and helped shape his career.

Week 14 – Helen Russell

Helen is a force to be reckoned with in the world of multisport and her trophy cabinet is bursting with medals from National, European and World championships in various combinations of swimming, kayaking, cycling and running. But she’s always on the look out for new challenges which have included riding the full Tour De France route and also a stint in politics while being a keen ambassador for sport in Worcestershire.

Week 13 – Tara Weir

This week I’ve been chatting to Tara Weir, a Canadian cycle traveller who has ditched the normal 9-5 routine to live simply and travel frequently. She has explored much of Asia, Australia and the Americas on her bike and recently featured on a list of 40 adventurous solo female cyclists.

Bisco Adventures 31-10-20

I joined fellow Incapable DJ Matt Bisco for a journey from the source of the River Frome in Dorset down to (nearly) the sea. We pedalled for some of the route then took to the water in packrafts for the last few miles into Wareham. We were hosted by the amazing Happy River retreat with new friends and old before a return trip via the Piddle valley.

Bisco documented the trip and this show tells the story through words and music.

Week 12 – Oliver Tic

Oli is Solvenia’s most famous long distance walker having walked across his own country 4 times, across the USA in 6 months and is currently trying to complete the length of the Americas, from Argentina to Alaska. In my interview he reveals why he enjoys these huge expeditions, what keeps him going and what happened when he adopted a stray dog in Peru!

Week 11 – Review of the 1st 10 Weeks

After broadcasting for 10 weeks I thought it would be fun to look back at the first set of guests that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. It was also a chance to play some music that might not necessarily fit with the usual theme.

Week 10 – Rick Paulus

Rick joined me from his home in California for a chat about his time working in the White House in the calligraphy department before escaping to forge a new life as an artist with more time for adventures. He and his wife Julie have had some fantastic journeys on the Pacific Coast Trail, cycling round France and (nearly) kayaking to Canada. It was an absolute pleasure to catch up with him 7 years after we first met while he was living on Cape Cod.

You can see some of his beautiful work at

Week 9 – Matthew Bisco

Not just an Incapable Staircase DJ, Matt Bisco is also a very accomplished athlete competing in the realms of triathlon and ultra running. He’s taken on some of the biggest challenges in endurance sport including Ironman, Marathon De Sables and the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc. I had a chat to him about all these events and also his involvement with the Mount Edgcumbe parkrun.

Be sure to check out his show, Disco Biscuits and Gravy at 6pm on Saturday evenings only on Incapable Staircase Fm.

Week 8 – Drew Buck

A legend in his own lifetime, Drew Buck has been a familiar site on long distance Audax cycle rides for many years and has taken part in the 1200km Paris – Brest – Paris event 8 times. He has also had many touring adventures by bike and by 1938 Morris 8! I had a very enjoyable chat with him this week and gathered some handy advice for tackling long distance events and embarking on a big tour.

Week 7 – Glen Pilkington

Glen describes himself as the everyday adventurer, finding little chunks of adventure within his day to day life. He’s had some large adventures in some large hills too so we got to chat about mountains of all shapes and sizes during the interview.

His story about hiking to Everest Base Camp features in the Biggest Book of Yes, available on Amazon and supporting the Teddington Trust.

Week 6 – Aly Grout and Dave Mitchell

Aly Grout

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to two runners from Evesham Vale Running Club who have taken the idea of “going for a long run” to the extreme. Aly Grout has progressed from starting running in 2016 on a couch to 5k course to running 100 miles three years later. While David Mitchell is the only man to have run the entire Cotswold Way there and back: a 204 mile epic.

David Mitchell

This was my first attempt at a face a to face interview and I’ve learned that microphones need to be a lot closer to mouths! Apologies for the quality of the sound but I hope that you can make out what is being said. Click below to have a listen.

Week 5 – Kerry O’Neil

Kerry took an unusual decision to go on a cycle tour round Ireland without a bicycle! We had a fun chat about this and some of her other madcap adventures this week.

If you need help from her for marketing/website/adventure planning services then take a look at her website:

Week 4 – Nahla Summers

I had a chat with Nahla Summers about her attempt to break the world record for a longest ride on an Eliptigo by riding through every city in the UK and Ireland.

Along the way she is encouraging people to be kind to each other as part of her Sunshine People initiative. Have you done a good deed today?!

Week 3 – Matt Edwards

A new format for the show this week with more time to spend chatting to my guest and a few musical interludes. I was joined by Matt Edwards who is currently walking the entire length of the South West Coast Path.

This is just a warm down after over 2 years cycling through the Americas.

Click below if you want to hear the uncut interview.

Week 2 – Claire jenkins

Gremlins in the system means this one wasn’t the smoothest of shows as my connection kept dropping out. This week’s guest was Claire Jenkins who, amongst other things drove a solar powered tuk-tuk across India.

Click below to listen to the full, unedited interview.

Week 1 – Jon Doolan

A nervous start to my broadcasting career. This week’s guest was Jon Doolan – editor of The Biggest Book of Yes who explains how this collection of short adventure stories came together. Click below for the full interview.

You can buy the book from Amazon here.

Full interview with Jon Doolan

Broom My Zoom

This is where it all began with my appearance on the Incapable Staircase Broom my Zoom show. It was a fun interview with station boss James where I got to choose my 10 Desert Island Disks. During the course of the show he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse which eventually launched my own show!