Monthly Archives: January 2015

Weeks 2 and 3 on Paros

At around 11 o’clock each morning we hear the jingle jangle of goat bells on the hills above the garden. The goat herder spends all day walking them round the valley while they eat everything in their path so the trick is to not walk them over the same route until the scrub has had … Continue reading Weeks 2 and 3 on Paros

Week 1 on Paros

By popular demand here are a few stats from the journey so far: Total distance ridden: 8554km Number of countries visited: 23 Nights in the tent: 83/141 Coldest night in tent: -6c Highest altitude: 1,233m Longest day: 121km (Brighton to Felixstowe) Number of ferry journeys: 24 Favourite country for biscuits: Latvia Favourite country for pastries: … Continue reading Week 1 on Paros

Christmas on Crete, New Year in Athens

Christmas in the UK is nothing if not predictable. We’re introduced to the idea that it’s on its way with a few hints around September with shops bringing in the odd bit of Christmas paraphernalia and bars and restaurants imploring us to make that Christmas party booking ‘NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!’. It creeps up … Continue reading Christmas on Crete, New Year in Athens