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Naypyidaw to Bangkok – Myanmar Part 2

Reincarnation is a funny thing. One lifetime you’re a monk, the next you’re a 17 foot python. Is that an improvement or a step backwards? It’s possible to sit face to face with the 125 year old serpent/former holy man in a small monastery in Bago. We watched several worshippers offer money in return for … Continue reading Naypyidaw to Bangkok – Myanmar Part 2

Moreh to Naypyidaw – Myanmar Part 1

Myanmar is no stranger to change. It’s name for one, (though many people still refer to it as Burma). It’s capital city has shifted around the country at least four times. It’s been controlled by the Mongols, The British, been an independent democratic nation and a military dictatorship. Now with the first ‘fully democratic’ elections … Continue reading Moreh to Naypyidaw – Myanmar Part 1

Merry Christmas 2015!

We would like to wish all our family, friends and followers a very merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time wherever you may be. A lot of road has passed under our tyres since last Christmas and its been quite a year, but we can’t wait to see what 2016 brings! Tail winds … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2015!