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Uganda Part 1 – Entebbe to Sipi

6th to 11th July 2023 “Mzungu! How are you?” It’s the 100th time we’ve been asked this question that day and this time the voice comes from a small boy of around 4 years old. He’s naked from the waist down, the dark skin of his toes contrasting with the brick red dust of the … Continue reading Uganda Part 1 – Entebbe to Sipi

And For Our Next Trip.

We released our brakes and rolled down the hill. My riding buddies whooped as we accelerated and leant into the turns. There were a few nervous screams but on we raced past cottages and trees, with gravity on our side providing the free speed. The wind felt exhilarating on our faces, pulling at our hair … Continue reading And For Our Next Trip.