On 16th August 2014 the two of us set out on one bicycle from Bristol in the south west of England with a rough idea of a route that would take us on a less than direct journey around the world. Along the way there were mountains, deserts, forests and cities with a long and winding road to ride along between them. A daunting prospect!

In the end we travelled for 851 days on our tandem bike returning home to Bristol on 13th December 2016. Behind us was a trip that took us through 46 countries, covering 47,062km by pedal power and along the way we experienced a world full of wonder and kindness.

Please explore this site to discover more about our adventure.

The blog archive contains many stories about the people and places that we visited, from sub zero camping in Poland to seeking shade from the 47 degree heat in Tajikistan, losing the bike in Kyrgyzstan to running a half marathon in North Korea.

You might also like to look at the ‘Route‘ page which contains a map and locations where we stayed for the entire route, along with the routes of some of the other trips we’ve done since.

Please contact us if you’d like to ask any questions about the trip, riding a tandem, cycle touring  in general or just to say hi. We’re also available for speaking if you’d like to hear our story in person.

Our convoluted route from Bristol to Bristol