12 months in 12(ish) Pictures

August the 16th 2014 seems a long time ago now, and we’ve covered nearly 18,000km since our starting point at Roll for the Soul in Bristol. The last 12 months have been quite the ride!

It was a tricky task (too tricky to pick just one for some months) but here are a selection of our favourite photos from the journey so far.

August 2014

The LVIS entourage
The LVIS entourage seeing us off in Bristol

September 2014

Sailing into Turku at dawn
Sailing into Turku, Finland at dawn

October 2014

Autumn in Druskininkai, Lithuania

November 2014

Steep hills and rewarding views in Albania

December 2014

Birthday beach breakfast
Birthday beach breakfast on Kefalonia, Greece

January 2015

A break from riding to look after animals and gardens on Paros, Greece

February 2015

Hagia Sofia in the snow, Istanbul, Turkey

March 2015

Amazing hospitality and interesting artifacts in Georgia

April 2015

Joined by Justin to explore more of Georgia’s beautiful and varied countryside

May 2015

100’s of km of desert riding through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

June 2015

Into Tajikistan and then following the Panj River along the Afghanistan border

July 2015

On the Roof of the World on The Pamir Highway, Tajikistan
One of the most memorable evenings in Tajikistan spent in a quiet valley amongst a yurt village

August 2015

Northern India, from Kashmir into Ladakh through the stunning Himalaya (photo courtesy of Tara Weir)
(photo courtesy of Tara Weir)

Once time and internet connections allow we’ll be back with more blog posts as there’s plenty of catching up to do. In the meantime we’ve got more pedalling to do!



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