Monthly Archives: August 2016

Vancouver to Victoria

19th July – 3rd August 2016 So we’ve crossed a few borders over the last 2 years and almost without exception they’ve all gone smoothly. Getting into Azerbaijan took a while but they gave us tea and Snickers while we waited. Getting out of Uzbekistan was delayed when they asked for registration slips from hotels for … Continue reading Vancouver to Victoria

Hayama and Hokkaido 

Japan is quite rightly proud of its unique culture and traditions. As an island country it’s managed to preserve its identity (helped by being cutoff from the rest of the world for two hundred years) while the rest of Asia gradually grows together. It’s a fitting place for us to be while we wait for … Continue reading Hayama and Hokkaido 

12 Photos from the last 12 Months

It’s our anniversary today, exactly two years since we left Bristol and started pedalling. What a great day that was riding out to Bath with a bunch of our friends. Since then those friends have had engagements, weddings, babies, bought houses, changed jobs and yet all we’ve done is keep on pedalling. It’s been a … Continue reading 12 Photos from the last 12 Months