12 Photos from the last 12 Months

It’s our anniversary today, exactly two years since we left Bristol and started pedalling. What a great day that was riding out to Bath with a bunch of our friends. Since then those friends have had engagements, weddings, babies, bought houses, changed jobs and yet all we’ve done is keep on pedalling. It’s been a simple year in many respects.

Those pedals have taken us from Leh, deep in the Indian Himalaya most of the way over to a little town called Mitchell in Oregon in the wild west of the United States, where we are today. Two very different parts of world but both have been full of equally welcoming people. A lot of road has passed under our tyres in the meantime so here are a few of our favourite photos of places and faces from the journey that’s taken us from there to here.

August 2015

Tara nearing the top of the Kunzum La, Himachal, India 

September 2015

Shimla knitting group, India

October 2015

Sunrise over Pokhara, Nepal 

November 2015

Don Bosco Olympic Opening Ceremony, Silchar, India

December 2015

Our hosts in Taungoo, Myanmar
Our hosts in Taungoo, Myanmar

January 2016

Bayon Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia 

February 2016

Mỹ Đức, Vietnam

March 2016

Chicken or duck? China

April 2016

High fives on the Pyongyang Marathon, North Korea 

May 2016

Touring bike guardian, Jeju, South Korea

June 2016

Ancient history and modern convenience in Japan

July 2016

Kayaking near Deep Cove, British Columbia, Canada

I’m a bit behind with the blog so bear with me. There’s another episode to finish up our time in Japan to come shortly then I can get stuck in to our trip through Canada and the US which is moving on at pace. You can always keep an eye on the where are we page for a better idea of where we’ve got to. 


8 thoughts on “12 Photos from the last 12 Months

  1. Just back from the TCR and thought of you guys a lot – such an amazingly inspiring 2 year (!!) trip but it reminded me of the harder times of touring too – the constant search for food and accommodation and lack of creature comforts. Anyway stay safe and keep blogging – we love it!
    Andrew Em and Nick

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