We’re working on a new project that shockingly doesn’t just involve cycling, there isn’t even a tandem involved!

In April this year we’ll be taking on the classic journey from Lands End to John O’Groats which is a rite of passage for any cyclist, but it’s only Kirsty who will be riding it. I’ll be tackling the route on foot and just for fun I’ll also be dressed as a toilet to help raise funds for the charity WaterAid. 

If you’d like to follow our progress then take a look at our website here: You can subscribe to the Bog Blog and also make a donation if you like. We’re also keen to meet up with people along the way so if you’d like to trot with the bog for a few miles, feed us cake or even offer a warm shower and a bed then we’d be very grateful. You can see if we’re coming past your doorstep here: 

It’s a whole different kind of adventure to what we’re used to which makes it all the more exciting but slightly terrifying too. We hope to be flushed with success by the time we reach the end!


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