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Lübeck to Copenhagen

30th August to 5th September 2014 Like Jenson Button, having the right tyres is critical for a touring cyclist and in Lubeck it was time for a pit stop. Although the Schwalbe Marathon Mondials that we’d fitted should be good for at least 10,000km and we’d only used them for a 1/10 of that they … Continue reading Lübeck to Copenhagen

Bristol to Lübeck – The First 2 Weeks

16th to 29th August 2014 All bike rides have to begin with a single pedal stroke and on 16th August we finally turned the cranks and rolled away from Roll For The Soul in Bristol to begin our trip. It was a fantastic send off with a peloton of purple and gold LVIS jerseys escorting … Continue reading Bristol to Lübeck – The First 2 Weeks