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The home stretch – Plymouth to Bristol

How many times have you heard that well used cliche “Live for the moment”? Well we’ve lived through  some very unexpected moments during this trip. For instance the moment the front tyre went pop at a very bad moment in Turkey. The moment when Kirsty woke up to find an Uzbek taxi driver was massaging … Continue reading The home stretch – Plymouth to Bristol

Bristol to Lübeck – The First 2 Weeks

16th to 29th August 2014 All bike rides have to begin with a single pedal stroke and on 16th August we finally turned the cranks and rolled away from Roll For The Soul in Bristol to begin our trip. It was a fantastic send off with a peloton of purple and gold LVIS jerseys escorting … Continue reading Bristol to Lübeck – The First 2 Weeks

Pack it up, pack it in

I thought unemployment would mean lots of lounging on the sofa in a slanket eating pot noodles while watching Jeremy Kyle but the last 3 weeks have left barely any time for sitting around at all. The day after walking out of our respective offices we drove straight up to Glasgow so that I could … Continue reading Pack it up, pack it in

1 Month to Go

e·ra /ˈɪərə, ˈɛrə/ [eer-uh, er-uh] noun 1. a period of time considered as being of a distinctive character; epoch 2. an extended period of time the years of which are numbered from a fixed point or event: the Christian era 3. a point in time, esp one beginning a new or distinctive period: the discovery … Continue reading 1 Month to Go

2 Months to go

It doesn’t seem like long ago that we were sat in Yo Sushi! watching coloured dishes going round and round. We pondered whether this was what Japanese restaurants were really like and the idea began to form of cycling there to find out. Five and half months later and that spark of an idea has expanded into … Continue reading 2 Months to go