Lôn Las Cymru 2012

The Dawes had served us well but, as with most tandems, was limited by its length as to where we could travel with it. Train travel is very difficult with a tandem, particularly in the UK, and if we needed to take the bike into a hotel or up to a flight of stairs then we would have been struggling. We therefore decided to buy a Thorn Discovery that came complete with S&S couplings. This ingenious design allows the bike to be split quickly and easily as and when required but without affecting the strength of the bike.

To test our new bike out we loaded it onto several trains between Bristol to Holyhead and cycled home again using the cross-Wales Sustrans route: The Lôn Las Cymru.

Days of Riding: 6

Distance Covered: 290 miles

Ferry Journeys: 0

Countries: 2


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